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Lipstick Pencil Mockup - Front View - Download Free Mockups | Branding Mockups | Object Mockups | Easy to Edit Design Template

Lipstick Pencil Mockup - Front View

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PSD File
4 months ago

Lipstick Pencil Mockup - Front View, Lipstick pencil mockup. There is a smart object on the tube and on the lid. Incredibly easy to use. Easily repainted with special layers. Showcase your exclusive design with this mockup. The body color of the pencil can be changed. aerosol, can, cap, car paint, glossy, metal, beauty, box, cosmetic, lips, lipstick, make-up, mockup, opened, pack, package, plastic, tubemetallic, metallic paint, metallised, paint, splash, spray, sprayer, transparent cap

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